Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hitch a Ride to the Concert and Save the Planet

Eat Me! Carbon neutral cake.

Heading out to see your fave band play live is a real drag on the environment. Just getting to the gig accounts for 80 percent of all the greenhouse gases emitted from the show. And you thought those semis transporting all that gear was dirty. No man, you're dirty! Unless of course you carpool it or sign up with a ride-share program like PickupPal.

PickupPal is a global rideshare and carpooling community launched last January that hooks up people with rides from a registered pool of users. PickupPal's proprietary software figures out the best match for you based on the info you submit with the info that someone else submits. Kinda like a dating service for rides.

Last summer the fledgling PickupPal joined with Reverb on a pilot project to encourage ridesharing for tours by the Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5, John Mayer and Counting Crows among others. Reverb, founded by Guster guitarist Adam Gardner and his wife, "educates and engages musicians and their fans to promote environmental sustainability." Together, PickupPal, Reverb and the fans of the bands managed to avert the use of 475 000 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere through carpooling.

This summer, PickupPal has once again joined forces with Reverb to get you to some of the hottest gigs around. Dave Matthews is back on board for 09 and along for the ride this time around are The Dead, Phish, and John Legend among others.

Reverb's work in the rock and environment scene extends beyond its Partnership with PickupPal. Since its inception Reverb has helped fans and bands alike eliminate more than 60,000 tons of CO2. It has also helped fuel tour busses and semis transporting all that gear with over 370,000 gallons of biodiesel fuel.

It's greening services help bands with energy efficiency on tour, biodegradable catering and green contract riders to name but a few. For the fans, Reverb's interactive Eco-Village, built to reflect each band's environmental interests has hosted over 1,700 environmental groups while reaching 8 000 000+ people.
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