Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vote for the "New" Wonders of Nature

The Grand canyon made the list.
And then there were 28...

Starting from a list of 440 locations from 220 countries, the New7Wonders of Nature is asking for your vote to decide on the seven finalists. This vote follows on the heels of the successful and controversial New7Wonders of the World from 2007.

“We are finding the New7Wonders of Nature campaign to be excitingly different from the first campaign," states New7Wonders Founder and President Bernard Weber. "So many breathtakingly beautiful, natural places are still quite unknown to many. From waterfalls to fjords, rainforests to mountain peaks, freshwater lakes to volcanoes, we are discovering together the incredible beauty and variety of our planet.”

Regarded as more of a popularity contest by scholars and organizations, the New7Wonder campaigns are some of the more popular online voting schemes. The original contest was the most popular poll at the time with a reputed 100 million votes cast. Curiously, North America's most famous natural wonder - Niagara Falls - did not make the cut.

The Round of 28

  • Amazon Rainforest

  • Angel Falls

  • Bay of Fundy

  • Black Forest

  • Bu Tihah Shoals

  • Cliffs of Moher

  • Dead Sea

  • El Yunque

  • Galapagos Islands

  • Grand Canyon

  • Great Barrier Reef

  • Halong Bay

  • Iguazu Falls
  • Jeita Grotto

  • Jeju Island

  • Kilimanjaro

  • Komodo National Park

  • Maldives

  • Masurian Lake District

  • Matterhorn

  • Milford Sound

  • Mud Volcanoes

  • Puerto Princesa Underground River

  • Sundarbans Delta

  • Table Mountain

  • Uluru

  • Vesuvius

  • Yushan

Voting for this third and final stage continues through 2011 when the top seven are to be announced.

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