Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Empire State Building to Take Bite out of Energy Costs

When you are spending upwards of half a billion dollars on a retrofit, sustainability measures should be incorporated. New York City's iconic Empire State Building has identified eight key projects that should realize energy savings approaching 40 percent over the life of the project. That is almost double the typical energy savings of 10-20 percent through a retrofit.

All 6514 windows (go ahead, count them) on the 102 story landmark are to be made energy efficient by having them removed, cleaned and reused while applying a low emissivity film. Air handling units will be replaced with variable speed fan units on an as needed basis that will eventually lead to having only two units per floor from the historical four air handling units per floor.

Along with the energy and cost savings that come along with the retrofit 105 000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions are expected to be saved over the next 15 years. As a leading example of energy savings project partners are hoping that the savings at the Empire State Building will be replicated in other large properties and act as a catalyst for more retrofits in New York City and elsewhere.

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