Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why Green Works Links?

Why indeed!

I've been writing about the environment for close to 20 years in various capacities through government agencies and NGOs. My interest in the well being of our planet began in high school when I researched a paper about Canadians selling their fresh water to the US. It wasn't a good idea then and it isn't a good idea now. If the wars of today are being waged over oil the wars of tomorrow will be waged over water.

But why this blog when there are so many other worthwhile blogs out there? This one is for my dad, a confirmed Luddite who does not believe in climate change. He believes that too many environmentalists talk a lot and accomplish nothing. I tend to agree but I also know that there is a lot of action on a lot of fronts that are making this planet a better place to live. This is not a blog that will focus on a call to arms, there are enough organizations out there that are rallying the troops to action.

This blog will focus on and link to direct actions undertaken from everyday people and large corporations alike. Change is being enacted. Solutions are being developed. Green Works Links will help to promote these efforts as best we can by posting them to this site.



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