Monday, June 29, 2009

Green building programs help create wildlife friendly landscapes

Create a wildlife-friendly landscape.

by Betsy S. Franz
During the construction slowdown, many builders have taken the initiative to learn the principles of Green Building. New home buyers ready to venture back into the housing market now have the opportunity to choose a home that is better for the environment, better for their health and, because of energy and water savings, better for their wallet.

What many people don’t realize is that green building programs encompass many changes that are also friendlier to the home-site and, therefore, to the surrounding eco-system and to local wildlife.

Most green building programs operate on point systems. To some extent, builders and homeowners can work together to choose which items they would like to incorporate into their home to earn points towards certification.

Many options available
Many of the options involve changes to a landscape that result in a very wildlife friendly habitat. In fact, some programs specifically give points for creating or preserving wildlife habitat.

Other programs give points for items such as Waterwise landscaping, native plant choices, Integrated Pest Management and limited turf areas – all factors that help contribute to a landscape that is beneficial to local wildlife. How much wildlife benefit a program provides varies greatly from program to program.

Although development has long been seen as a leading cause of wildlife habitat destruction, green building programs have the opportunity to help turn that around.

But an important thing for all current property owners to remember is that they, too, have the ability to create a wildlife-friendly landscape by making simple changes to their landscape.

For more information about how green building programs provide a benefit to local wildlife, contact Betsy Franz.

For information about how to create your own wildlife friendly landscape, visit the Take Care of Your Share website.

Betsy S. Franz is The Nature Lady where this article originally appeared. The article is published here with permission of the author.

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