Monday, June 8, 2009

Two Green Thumbs Up for Food Inc.

This is the movie that Monsanto doesn't want you to see. They even went through the trouble to set up a web page disputing most of the points raised in the film. But before you click that link up above it should be pointed out that the link was inoperable this morning.

Could Monsanto have come to its senses?

Food Inc. is a documentary from director Robert Kenner that paints an unflattering picture about the American food industry and how it is controlled by corporate interests.

How hard-hitting is the film? Variety states that "Food Inc. does for the supermarket what Jaws did to the beach."

The film opens June 12 in select theatres in New York, LA and San Francisco. It expands to more cities nationwide on June 19.

If you can link to that Monsanto page you may want to then click on La Vida Locavore who took the trouble of countering each of Monsanto's objections to Food Inc.

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