Friday, June 12, 2009

Stop the Greensanity!

With apologies to Edvard Munch.
On a day that sees the end of analog TV in America, Green TV is seeking comment on which state is the greenest state in the nation. The online network will have its findings published in USA Today on June 25. But what makes the greenest state? And is there any methodology or agreement? Are these earnest efforts or more cases of greenwashing?

Forbes magazine compiled its own list in 2007 and chose Vermont, but would you surprised to learn that New Jersey made the top 10? Vermont also topped the charts in 2009 in a different survey by Eco Insights a move that had neighboring Maine green with envy.

In ranking the country's 50 greenest cities Popular Science had Portland, Oregon at the top of its list last year. Sustain Lane seconded PopSci's choice of Portland.

One New Yorker threw his support for his city as the nation's greenest while Time reported that The Brookings Institution chose Honolulu. Time also has list of the greenest websites and the greenest company and more! Time makes my list for Most Green Lists!

Efficient Energy says the greenest city is Chicago. Now I don't know where to move. As Kermit said, "It ain't easy being green."

From the greenest police state, a not so tongue in cheek look at efforts in Pennsylvania to the greenest colleges everybody has a best green something.

Do these lists make a difference? Are they a form for discourse that encourages other states and cities to encourage and implement environmental action? Or are they merely a cheap vehicle (EV of course) to drive up ratings and web traffic?

There's the top 10 green utilities and across the pond the Sunday Times has an exhaustive look at UK companies.

What is green and what is greenwashing? Where does the greensanity end? Coming full circle to TV do we really need the 10 funniest green moments on recent TV? Does that mean we can expect a list of TV moments from a time not so recent?

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